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3 Reasons Why Brands Need a Creative Fashion Stylist for Their Next Photo-shoot

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

1. Bring Your Brands Ideal Image to Life

A creative fashion stylists job is to pick the brains of your creative and marketing team to get a clear vision of the emotions your brand is attempting to emote in your target market. A creative fashion stylist will unpack all of your brands visions and values and determine the best outfits/collections that seamlessly represent your brands direction. Your chosen creative fashion stylist should also be able to propose suitable photo-shoot locations that support the overall mood and storyboard your brand is developing.

2. Executed Edits Save Time and Money

We've all heard the phrase: "Time is Money" and, a creative fashion stylist who works with brands and designers will be intensely focused on the end result and a unique image for your brand/label. They will take into consideration the underlining message and values that your brand/label is wanting to convey to your target market. As a result this will funnel down to well executed photo-shoot briefs which will save your company time and money on re-shoots and as a result leaving you with a bank of unusable images.

3. Fresh Perspective

When it comes to business and creative projects it is easy as a business owner to become insular to the best marketing and image concepts for your brand, label or industry. Let's face it, we aren't all tech savvy and trend aware, and therefore can dismiss new concepts due to previous experiences of what has worked for a brand in the past. A successful creative fashion stylist will be trend aware and conscious of developing trends, along with having an intimate connection to underground movements that are about to break mainstream.

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